Monday, July 12, 2010

My Opinion- You Know What They Say About Those.

I have refrained from writing about Eclipse up until today. I figured that I was giving all of my readers ample opportunity to see the movie. (As if my equally obsessed fans weren't there on opening night.)

I LOVED the movie!!

And now I have a confession to make-- I don't love New Moon. Sure I was on a high in November, but now that I have the DVD in my home to watch as often as I want I have decided that I don't love it. I might actually dislike it. Visually, the movie is beautiful and the acting is much better than Twilight. I have a ton of respect for Chris Weitz. (I liked The Golden Compass) I only know that I have watched Twilight at least 200 times and it never gets old, but I dread watching New Moon.

Now let's visit Eclipse. I pray that it doesn't become like New Moon for me. I liked so much about Eclipse. Today I will list 3 likes and 3 dislikes-

1- The conversations between Edward and Bella; the meadow, in her bed, *wink wink* in his bed, and best of all in the meadow at the end. Bella's explanation of how she feels about Edward and being in his world gives me chills and is bit of amazing writing on Melissa Rosenberg's part.

2- Jasper and Rosalie's backstories. Oh, and their hair.

3- The action! I love mad Edward! I also love a mad Emmett. When Emmett and Paul had the confrontation in the creek. AWESOME!! Not to mention the newborn fight!

ok-4- (I know, I said 3, but I have one more) Charlie Swan is great and the sex talk is just perfect!!

1- The scene where Bella leaves with Jacob while Edward is watching. HATE IT!! Bella would never hurt Edward that way!

2-Seriously, not enough Seth. I will have to write a post about the adorable BooBoo Stewart!

3-Victoria and Riley actually almost ripping Edward's head off. Please! In the books Victoria and Riley got their asses kicked!!

I do need to see it again. And I will. Soon. Very Soon!


melissa (fb friend) said...

i feel ya bout most of these! :)

i LOVE that she leaves w/ jake...edward lied to her...she SHOULD get that angry!! she's too passive ALL the time about the things he does for 'her protection'.

agree about the seth thing. he was a bigger part in the fight scene!

GAH! BIG RESOUNDING AGREE about them almost rippin edwards head off. PLEASE!!! That was not even HINTED in the book. PLUS...Bella was NEVER that close to the whole thing!!!

and don't feel bad...i hated NM the first 3 times I saw it...til I could move passed the things I hated and see the story!! I seriously dislike what Chris Weitz did!

sbspurlock said...

I'll be watching eclipse 200 times when it comes out on DVD. probably more than i've watched twilight. HELLO! Leg hitch scene alone is worth watching over and over again (i even tried to pause and rewind it when I saw it last week... pathetic DVR addict!). I'd guess your lack of interest in NM is due to the lack of Edward, and not because of some realization that the film kinda sucks. I wasn't thrilled with NM the 3 times I saw it in the theater (fell asleep every time when B & J were hanging out). I was dubious about Eclipse, but I'm sooo in love with it! Even if it came out on DVD tomorrow, I'd still go see it in theater's every week until they get rid of it.